Operation East Wind

NATO forces at East Wind
East Bloc forces at East Wind

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First, Read

Much of the information we are asked about is already posted here on the site. Be sure to read everything before you ask a basic question. Here are some key items to read:


More recent information, and many, many other questions (and answers) are posted to the East Wind dicussion forums. If your question is more general, more timely, or you think others might want to participate, browse there first and if you don't see it, post your question as well.

Email Us

If you still haven't had your question answered, need to specifically follow up on something, or were told to contact us, just send an email to

Event Directions

Operation East Wind is held at the D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. However, many other things happen there, so please don't contact them for any information specifically about the East Wind event.

D-Day Adventure Park
66800 East 175 Road
Wyandotte, OK

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