Equipment Care Kit

An equipment care kit (sewing kit, boot care kit, Duck tape, wire, cord), is required for all participants.

- Stuff breaks, tears, rips, fails, etc. Be prepared to fix it.
- You WILL clean and polish your boots while you are out there since that goes a long way towards having dry comfortable feet.
- Bring the gear you need to make all of that happen.
-Tascabe routinely buys huge piles of these Swiss boot care kits (pictured), and sells them for a few dollars. I suggest you get one.
-Note that the Swiss boot care kit has a very basic sewing kit in it. It does not take much to add more sewing goodies to it.
-It also does not have boot polish. There is some kickass dye, that I do use. However it is not polish and as such does not protect or preserve your boots/feet. So you will still need to bring some type of boot polish.