The Veshmeshok, a Primer to Packing.

Soon we'll be mobilizing for yet another Operation: East Wind. You've spent all your hard earned "East wind Tokens" aka "spare money" and you've bought all the gear. Now you just need to know how to pack it all together so you can live with it for a week or so. Worry not. What follows is a basic photo breakdown of some very critical gear that you will end up using.

Figure 1. Veshmeshok (Rucksack) fully loaded.

It is filled with 2 blankets, platsch-palatka (rain cape/tarp/canvas), extra canteens, messkit, uniform, socks, 12-24hr ration, spare headgear, gloves, bootcare kit, personal aid kit, hygene kit, ammo and gun utility items and all sorts of other stuff. (Some things you'll see aren't required gear, but are very good ideas. Other gear that is required will likely be stored somewhere else on your person (in body armor or belt pouches or in your uniform pockets) and is not shown in this primer.You'll note that the blankets are rolled up inside the platsch and strapped to the exterior of the veshmeshok. Extra water in canteens are secured to the tie straps of the veshmeshok.

Figure 2. Veshmeshok with the platsch detached and unfolded showing two Russian wool blankets.

Figure 3. Veshmeshok about to be unpacked with platsch full unfolded.

You will be amazed at how much will fit in this thing!

Figure 4. Veshmeshok emptied of its contents and the outer pouch as well.

Yep, all that stuff was in there.

Figure 5. Detail of Contents.

Left to Right -Top Half Spare Uniform, Telnyashka, Black Watchcap, Wool Glove Inserts, 4 pairs of wool socks 1 of which is heavy duty. Left to Right - Bottom Half Boot care kit, draw string sack filled with ammo and various gun utility items (extra batteries etc...)

Figure 6. Detail of Contents.

Left to Right - Top Half Personal care kit including such things as: footpowder, handcreme, first aid kit, "moleskin" for covering blisters, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, soap, pain relievers (pain and anti-inflamatory) etc... Petrol stove, Sewing Kit Left to Right - Bottom Half Mess kit top, spoon, aluminum cup, tin container for items that might get lost, mess kit body, rag for wiping/cleaning messkit in the field.

Figure 7. Detail of Contents.

Items from outer pouch of Veshmeshok. Flask (for extra fuel for stove), rubles (money to be spent at camp), extra spoon (in case someone doesn't have one or you lose yours). Military Biscuits (from ration) Kasha Tashunka (beef/rice stew) and pate. (12-24 hr field ration). That's enough to keep you going for a while in the field at East Wind when forward deployed! If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to post up!


If you have any questions about this or any other information regarding Operation East Wind. Feel free to drop by the forums and ask away!