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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


All Canadian Forces attendees at East Wind are required to have a rifle green beret with the appropriate South Manitoba Rifles or Loyal Alberta Light Infantry cap brass.

Notes on Berets

The rifle green beret is the standard beret for the Canadian Forces land forces during the time frame that East Wind takes place.

The issued beret was made by Logistix Unicorp and by default this is the one most troops would have had. However, it tended to be larger so it was not uncommon for troops to pay out of pocket for a smarter looking “Belgique” beret through their Regimental kit shop.

It’s also worth noting that almost without exception - troops cut the liners out of their berets to make them fit and look better than out of the box. The strings in the back (for tightening the beret) were typically tied to a comfortable fit for the user, the ends cut off and the remaining knot melted with a lighter to prevent it from coming undone and to help keep it out of sight.