CF Canteens

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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


All Canadian Forces members are required to have at least two Canadian or U.S. canteens with covers and at last one canteen cup.

Notes on Canadian Canteens

Canadian 82 Pattern Thermos and or 1 Qt Canteen. Typically, Canadian Soldiers were only issued one canteen (the one quart canteen bottle). Later, the 82 pattern Thermos entered the system. The only problem with the Thermos, was that it could not fit inside a canteen cup so with only one Canteen Carrier, you had to decide whether you wanted just the thermos or if you still wanted the use of your canteen cup. The Canteen Cup Stove it's self was never an issued item to the Canadian Forces, however it was commonly available and used. Like many items soldiers had to buy for themselves - it was considered "gucci kit" as it was not an issued item.