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This is required equipment for NATO participants.


A pocket knife or multi-tool is required for all NATO forces participants. We do not require any specific type or brand of knife, just that you bring one along.

Canadian Forces knives

The first was the C5 Utility Knife, which was basically a silver bodied swiss army knife. The C5 utility knife was stowed in the purpose designed pocket for it on the outside of the 82 Pattern Knife Fork Spoon (KFS) carrier. It was nororious for falling out of this pocket, so many troops tied a length of paracord to it and tied it off to their KFS carrier so it wouldn't get lost.

The second "knife" was the first generation Gerber Multi-Tool issued in the early 90's. Although not issued, the first generation Leatherman was also frequently seen (and procured out of pocket). The Gerbers had a tendency to become lose and rattle, whereas the Leathermans didn't.