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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.

Canadian64PatternRuckFrontt.jpg 64 pattern back

Canadian64PatternRuckBack.jpg 64 pattern front

Canadian 64 Pattern Rucksack "Jump Ruck" with Sleeping Bag Valise is the standard pack for Canadian Forces attendees at East Wind. The 82 Pattern Rucksack is acceptable as well but is generally not as well regarded at the 64 Pattern Ruck.

Notes on Canadian Forces Rucksacks

Throughout the rest of the Army, the 64 Pattern Ruck was seen as a far superior alternative to the newer 82 Pattern Ruck as it was considerably more comfortable. The reason for this, is the 82 pattern Ruck places all the strain on your lower back whereas the 64 Pattern Ruck puts it up on your shoulders and upper body.

The one feature that the 82 Pattern Ruck did have - was it's quick release strap system which allowed a soldier to ditch his ruck in one rapid motion on each strap. This allowed him to ditch his ruck in a hurry if the situation called for it.

As such, many soldiers used the 64 Pattern Bag and kidney pads on the 64 Pattern Frame - but used an 82 pattern shoulder harness system.

As the 64 pattern ruck has started to become increasingly difficult and expensive to source, troops are encouraged to purchase and use the 82 Pattern Ruck which is considerably easier to find.

Bag-plcf82.jpg 82 Pattern Rucksack