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This is recommended equipment for all NATO participants.


A scarf, or neck gaiter is required for all participants. It can get cold at East Wind and you can bleed off a lot of heat out in the field. A neck wrap, such as a USGI scarf, or poly pro neck gaiter will help you keep warm. As with any outdoor fabric situation, wool and poly pro will insulate even when wet where as cotton loses its insulating properties almost instantly when moist.

  • Shemaghs and other similar covers are allowed, and will work, but are not especially compatible with the impression that we are depicting.

Canadian Forces specific scarf information

Although it was available in different shades of solid O.D. (presumably over the years it was made by different manufacturers contracted to make them) there only was one "Combat Scarf" issued to the troops. Although the combat scarf is an optional item, it's definitely one piece of kit you'll be glad to have when you need it!!