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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.

Canadian_Ground_Sheet.jpg Canadian Forces Ground Sheet

A Canadian Forces ground sheet/shelter half or a U.S. shelter half is required for all Canadian Forces attendees.

Notes on the Canadian Forces ground sheet/shelter half

In the CF, this piece of kit was normally referred to as the ground sheet, however on occasion it was also referred to as a shelter half. The Canadian ground sheet was issued as is - with no poles, pegs or strings. Some troops had para cord on the outlying eyelets for securing it to trees or nearby (immobile) vehicles, other troops used bungee cords which were far faster and much easier to work with - especially when setting up at night.

On the Canadian ground sheet, the exterior was normally treated with a silicone spray for water proofing. The underside is rubberized and unfortunately seemed to decay easily. In terms of surplus Canadian ground sheets, (apart from the obvious - i.e making sure there are no holes) you'll want to make sure you're not getting one where the rubberized undercoating is peeling. Partially because it obviously won't be water proof anymore, but moreso because all of those flakes of dried rubber will come off in your kit and sleeping gear in particular (as this was where the ground sheet was normally packed).

If the Canadian Ground sheet gets wet or is even just damp, you'll want to be sure to dry it out before stowing it, otherwise it will begin to smell like rotten cheese.

US_Shelter_Half.jpg U.S. Shelter Half