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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


All Canadian Forces attendees are required to have an insulating warmth layer. What you choose is entirely up to you but it must be of military origin and not made of cotton.

Selecting your Warmth Layer

Before the implementation of the Clothe the Soldier Program in the mid to late 90's, the Canadian Soldier frequently had to buy much of his own kit if he wanted to be comfortable out in the field. The U.S Alpha Liner and U.S. Rain Jacket were amongst some of the most frequently "acquired" items Canadian Troops sought to obtain to make life in the field more comfortable as the issued kit was simply not as good and in many cases several years if not decades behind the times.

That said, Canadians were typically issued a wool jacket that was a throw back to the second world war to augment their warmth layers. The Wool Jacket was as you can imagine, itchy - though it was warm.

It wasn't until the early to mid 90's where the first Canadian Fleece Jackets were issued and much lauded. The Fleece Jacket was warm, breathed well and was soft and comfortable and a very welcome addition to a soldier's kit list. The fleece jacket is period appropriate and is without a doubt the best selection for East Wind.