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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


All Canadian Forces attendees are required to have a Quarpel cap with the correct cloth S Man Rif or LALI cap device.

Notes on the Quarpel Cap

The Quarpel Cap, more commonly known as the “Bush Cap". It was normally worn by seasoned soldiers with the top crimped to make the hat look more like a boonie hat and less like a beach hat.

It was commonly customized by soldiers by sewing on name tapes and cats eyes on the back of it and or even tying paracord into the rear eyelets as a mean of tightening it or as a convenient means of hanging it off one of your uniform buttons when eating.

Though the bush cap did have creases intentionally sewn into it so that the sides and rear of the cap could be folded up (to form what was commonly known as the “Robin Hood hat” this was typically frowned upon within the Combat Arms trades and the bane of Sergeant Majors everywhere.