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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


The Canadian Issue C1 Steel Combat Helmet with U.S. woodland or Mitchell pattern cover and helmet band Is required for Canadian Forces Troops at East Wind. As this helmet is literally a slightly modified, by adding a Canadian chin strap system, U.S. M1 helmet with liner, a U.S. helmet may be substituted.

Notes on helmet covers

Originally, these helmets were issued with Vietnam era reversible "Mitchell Pattern" cam covers and many of these were still in service well into the 90's. However, the more predominant camouflage cover at the time was the U.S. Woodland cam cover. In the Combat Arms Trades, and the Infantry, Combat Engineers and Artillery in particular - it was not uncommon to see troops with helmet nets festooned with strips of old combat scarves or combat T-Shirts to act as scrim and help break up the outline of their heads/helmets. This practice is still alive and well in the Canadian Army today.