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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.

Weapon Rules

All weapons will be checked during the check in process and no inappropriate weapons will be admitted to the event even as backups or parts.

Weapon rules are set in stone. We will make no exceptions to them.


C7.jpg C7 Rifle

C7A1.jpg C7A1 rifle

The standard rifle for Canadian Forces troops at East Wind is the C7A1 rifle fitted with the C79 Elcan sight. This is easily accomplished using a M16A3 and a reasonably good quality replica Elcan sight unit.

Acceptable stand in is the previous generation C7 rifle which is outwardly similar to a standard M16A2.

  • The C8 and C8A1 carbines are not allowed for East Wind.

Precision Rifles


The Parker Hale C3 is the period appropriate Canadian Forces sniper rifle for East Wind.

  • C3s are allowed ONLY for attendees who have already attended 2 prior East Wind events or have graduated from Canadian Forces Sniper School.
  • All accessories used with the C3 must at least look like the correct equipment. This includes the scope, spotting scope, bipod, etc.
  • All attendees bringing an C3 rifle must also bring a standard C7 series rifle as well.

Light Machine Guns, General Purpose Machine Guns, and Medium Machine Guns

Acceptable Squad Automatic weapons are:

  • C9 series weapons
  • C6 series weapons
  • C5 series weapons


  • No non-issue scopes, non-standard stocks, or customized parts will be allowed.
  • Do not paint your machine gun in camouflage colours.
  • All attendees who are bringing squad automatic weapons or machine guns must also bring a standard C7 series rifle as well.



The Inglis High Power is the correct handgun for Canadian Forces troops.

  • Handguns are only allowed for HQ/support staff, support weapon gunners, dedicated vehicle crew, snipers or section leaders (for use as a duty weapon)
  • Handguns must be in original, as issued colour. No chrome, stainless or painted versions. Only grips of the original style are allowed.
  • Handguns must be carried in correct holsters.
  • No other handguns are allowed.