East German Canteens

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.


All East German participants must have at least one East German Canteen with cup, on their web belt. The other required East German canteens will be carried or stored based on mission requirements.

  • These canteens are plastic so damn near impossible to freeze solid. You can almost always squeeze them and break the ice.
  • The cup makes a handy tea/coffee cup.
  • Cup and allows you to get a drink without removing your canteen from your belt.
  • The cup allows you to measure contents since measures almost exactly 1 (fluid) cup.

Purchase Options

East German canteens are very common still but are slowly becoming more expensive. A canteen comes in three parts, which is the plastic canteen, a metal cup and the carrier. Almost all retailers sell these as a package and simply label them "east german canteen"

  • A East German canteen can be found commonly online or in local surplus stores for under $5.