East German Helmet

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.

EG helmet net.jpg EG helmet cover.jpg

All East German participants must have an East German Steel Helmet, with both a net and a Strichtarn cover.

  • Both can be on the helmet at the same time.
  • The official method involves the cover first and then the net over the top.
  • We recommend the net with cover over it instead.

Purchase Options

Original East German steel helmets can be found both online and in local surplus stores but they are becoming more rare. Currently there are no reproductions known on the market.

  • A suggested purchase cost for a helmet is no more than $50 in good to excellent condition, of course you can find them cheaper.
  • If you are able to inspect the helmet, check the condition of the internal support webbing or liner. This is most always the one area where a helmet becomes serviceable.
  • Rain pattern covers can be found online for around $5-15.
  • Helmet nets are available on ebay and online vendors for under $5.