East German Strichtarn Summer Uniform

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.

All East German participants are required to have at least 2 sets of Strichtarn summer uniform.

  • Uniforms can be 2nd Generation (with slant lower jacket pockets), 1st Gen. or 3rd Gen (aka UTV). Preference in the order listed.
  • Part of the uniform is the grey web-belt, you need one of these in addition to your combat web gear to wear when not wearing web gear.
  • Uniforms must have correct NVA rank, denoting your job at East Wind.
  • Uniforms need to have a collar liner - these button in to the uniform collar.

Telling the uniform generations apart

1st Generation

  • Uniforms have exposed buttons pebbled buttons on the sleeve and leg pockets as well as the sleeve and leg cuffs.
  • The jacket has upper chest flap pockets but does not have the lower chest pockets.
  • All pockets are internal.
  • Shoulders have the tab and holes to attach rank boards.

FDA 1gen jacket.jpg FDA 1gen pants.jpg

2nd Generation

  • Uniforms have covered buttons.
  • The jackets have upper chest flap pockets and lower slit pockets.
  • All pockets are internal.
  • Shoulders have the tab and holes to attach rank boards.

FDA 2gen jacket.jpg FDA 2gen pants.jpg

3rd Generation (UTV)

  • 3rd Generation are mislabeled UTV by some.
  • Uniforms are modeled after the Soviet M88 Afghanka uniforms.
  • They have covered buttons.
  • The jacket has upper chest flap pockets and lower flap pockets.
  • The upper chest, lower jacket and leg pockets are external.
  • Left sleave has a large tab for attaching the "new style rank".
  • Some examples also have the tab and holes to attach rank boards to the shoulders.

FDA 3gen jacket.jpg FDA 3gen pants.jpg

Notes about the rank

  • NVA rank is less about setting people in some sort of pecking order and more for looks and to show job positions.
  • The Section leader will usually be a Sergeant, the senior Rifleman will usually be a "Corporal".
  • Everyone else is a private, until further notice.
  • Again, this not done to put anyone in there place.
  • Although it does show Chain of Command, those assignments are based on experience and ability. Other than that it is simply for a bit more authenticity and to give NATO something to look at, through binoculars or if you are captured.


To understand sizing of East German uniform equipment, visit the NVA Sizing page.

Purchase Options

The strichtarn uniform is still readily available online and sometimes in surplus stores. A few years ago, they could be bought for very little money but the supply is slowly going away, because of that the prices are increasing. There are reproductions on the market made in Germany, these are ok quality but a original is preferred. As well if you are a larger size then a reproduction may be the best option since original large size uniforms are getting more expensive.

  • Many times uniforms come with pants and jacket, in a package. If you wear different sizes, then do not hesitate to buy a package and then sell off the size item that does not work for you. This can allow you to get your uniform cheaper.
  • Larger sizes can be more expensive, and the uniforms were made for soldiers who were smaller than a modern American.
  • Jackets in good to excellent condition and in normal American sizes will run between $15-40.
  • Pants in good to excellent condition and in normal sizes will run around $20. Larger sizes such as 42+ inch waist, will run exponentially more as the size increases. Reproductions are recommended for these sizes.
  • Shoulderboard NVA rank should be subdued in color (light tan and brown) and should be the NVA rank that you are or WARPAC command. These cost around $5 a set off ebay.