East German Warm Clothing

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.

All East German participants must have a warmth layer because East Wind is an all weather event.

  • Can be winter NVA uniforms in Strichtarn.
  • Long johns are also a good choice.
  • Fleece or wool sweaters work for upper body warmth layers.

NVA winter uniform


  • The coats have a fur collar option. (enlisted should have the darker grey fur collar)
  • These can be worn as a complete stand alone uniform (top and pants)
  • Can also wear just the top and use it as a Parka (If so, suggest using the next size up)

Long Johns


For authenticity sake, NVA long johns can still be obtained, and are the only exception to the no cotton rule. Just be aware that you will probably be the least comfortable and coldest member in the section, and other than hypothermia, you don't get cut much slack for authenticity.

  • Needs to be a wicking layer to keep you dry. NO COTTON
  • Either non-cotton long johns or use a Polypro set. Frankly synthetic is the best for keeping you dry and warm.
  • off-white preferred but any subdued color is acceptable


  • East German NVA sweaters are still available.
  • Should be brown or other dark/muted color

Purchase Options

Long Johns are common at any camping or sports store. The NVA sweater and winter uniform though, can be found online. Ebay is the best source for these two items. There are reproductions known and available for the Rain Pattern Winter Uniform.

  • A suggested purchase cost for a Winter Uniform is based on sizing. For smaller sizes, you can get both pants and jacket for under $75. Larger sizes increase with cost as the size increases. If you are over 6' or 225lbs, a reproduction uniform may be the best route.
  • Sweaters have a suggested purchase cost of no more than $25.
  • If possible try and buy the poles and lines with the Zeltbahn as they are good to have.