East German Zeltbahn

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.

All East German participants are required to have at least one Strichtarn pattern zeltbahn but are highly encouraged to have two, one to use as a poncho and one to use as a tent/rain fly

  • These things work at keeping the rain off, as well as breaking up your profile.
  • They also double as a Strichtarn tent. (often called a shelter half by sellers)
  • Highly recommend that you spray a waterproofing silicone on both sides of the zeltbahn(s). This helps then shed water. The spray can be picked up in most store's camping section.

Purchase Options

Zeltbahns can be found both online and in local surplus stores, they are still somewhat common. Currently there are no reproductions known on the market.

  • A suggested purchase cost for a Zeltbahn is no more than $20 in good to excellent condition, of course you can find them cheaper.
  • If possible try and buy the poles and lines with the Zeltbahn as they are good to have.