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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


One image, and no more than one, is at the top. Always then have a paragraph, not a bullet list, to start off with. If there is any emphasis, use formatting. No all caps, but use bold instead.

  • Bullet lists are great. Summarize key information.
  • Like on variations, whether original or repro will do, or how to recognize the right one.
  • Hints about how to use it best. How to fold it, label it, sew things to it, adjust it, or whatever. Links are fine.
  • Optional equipment that's related can be noted as well.
  • Double check everything. Use the most common spelling, and when possible run everything through spell and grammar check (type in Word, then paste in).

Additional subsections go below here. They start as paragraphs, and then may have their own bullet lists, but do not just let the bullet list drift off topic too much.

Special formats will exist. If you run into a page with lots of complexity then stop move onto the next one, make notes, and contact Steven about it.