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This is required equipment for NATO West German Bundeswehr participants.


The standard infantry rifle at East Wind is the G3. We will accept either the G3A3 (full stock) or the G3A4 (telescoping stock) variant. We will not accept carbine versions, the MSG-90, or customized weapons. If an optical sight is desired, only original ZF 4x24 scopes on original Stanag mounts are allowed.


Through 2015 we will allow the G36 as an acceptable alternative to the G3 rifle. From 2016 onward, we will be removing the G36. G36 rifles must be in original, as issued configuration including the original style optic. No other scopes, no customized parts, no carbines.


The MG3 is the standard issue General Purpose Machine Gun of the Bundeswehr. The MG42 is an acceptable alternative. The MG36 is not allowed.


The P1 is the standard handgun for Bundeswehr. The P38 is an acceptable alternative. The P8 is not acceptable. Handguns may be brought by section leaders, HQ/support staff, and machine gunners only.