FRG Army Blanket

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This is recommended equipment for all NATO participants.


A poncho liner or wool blanket is recommended for all participants. These are handy not just as additional cozy layer when sleeping but also to pack along for LP/OP duty or for those cold night shifts. When not needed for warmth, they also make great pillows.

West German specific blanket info

  • The original West German Blanket is a heavy wool blanket in OD color with BUND in white letters like the above pictured blanket. They are very well regarded and are worth the hassle to get. When you see these, they frequently have the corners clipped off of them to denote their removal from the supply system.
  • You will also likely find reproduction Flectarn poncho liners. These are of acceptable but not exemplary quality and do the job well enough.

  • When searching overseas or on your search term is "BW Decke"