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This is recommended equipment for NATO West German Bundeswehr participants.


We recommend that all West German attendees at East Wind have a Jager green beret with the proper Gold colored "Oak leaves" Jager insignia.

Notes on berets

The beret is the traditional color of the Jager. Every Bundeswehr soldier wears a beret in the color of their service branch, however Jager took special pride in their berets as they were the first to use them.

The liners were never cut from the berets as that would cause it to lose the desired shape faster. The ties at the back were knotted and then cut off so there are no "French pennants" on the back (reportedly named for the French tradition of leaving the ties loose). Many manufacturers made the berets over the course of their use, but issue berets will have a square tag inside with the size and manufacturer sewn into the liner.

Remember when searching for these that the German spelling of Beret is "Barett".