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This is required equipment for NATO West German Bundeswehr participants.


All Bundeswehr participants are required to have a military digging tool. Commercial tools or replicas of military tools are not acceptable.

  • The ideal tool would be the German trifold shovel pictured above. It fits in the shovel pouch on the LKS gear, is compact and is a reasonably good digging implement. Unfortunately, most of what is advertised as German trifold shovel are in fact Asian replica shovels of depressingly poor quality. Unless you are able to examine your trifold shovel up close or are buying it from a trusted seller you are probably better off substituting the functionally identical U.S. shovel in it's stead.
  • Another popular tool is the previous generation wooden handled folding shovel pictured below. They are of high quality, dig well, and feature a pick as well as a spade making them a much superior tool when it comes time to actually dig. The trade off of course is in the additional bulk... Most of these have been in service for a good long while so if you get one do take the time to run over the digging edge a bit with a file and sharpen it up slightly.