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This is required equipment for NATO West German Bundeswehr participants.


All West German Bundeswehr participants are required to have the standard German LKS load bearing gear show above. These are available in either Olive Green or Flectarn, either is acceptable. No other load bearing gear is acceptable.

Notes on shopping for your web gear

The above picture shows sets without ammo pouches which are usually sold separately from the rest of the set. See the bottom pictures of the other mag pouches which are available as well.

Note that the belts do come in sizes so you'll want to make sure that your belt is the right size for you. You may need to do some trading around if you are on either extreme of "normal".

When shopping on you can try these search terms:

Setting up Your Load Bearing Gear

  • Avoid the temptation to load up on magazines. The standard fighting load of 4 magazines and 3 grenades is more than enough to handle a patrol at East Wind. Logistics is part of what we do at East Wind, don't concern yourself with "the game" concern yourself with the experience. If you do bring additional mags, consider keeping them in cloth bandoleers so that when deployed forward for extended periods, you can rapidly refill by just grabbing a bandoleer.
  • Plan to employ at least 2 canteens on your load bearing gear. No competent squad leader will pass you on a pre-combat inspection if you have less.
  • Watch the balance of your rig. Don't put 3 canteens on the left side and all your mag pouches on the right for instance. Seek to keep things even a much as possible to reduce fatigue.

Other Pouches

BW_G3.jpg G3 double mag pouch

  • The G3 double mag pouch is identified by its shorter height compared to the G36 pouch and greater depth compared to the MP2 (Uzi) pouch.


  • Equally acceptable is the older style vinyl G3 pouch fitted to the LKS webbing. In the case of either of the G3 pouches a search on of BW G3 will yield good results.

Bw_G36.JPG G36 double mag pouch

  • The G36 double mag pouch is longer and slightly more squared off inside than the G3 pouch. On look for BW G36


  • The triple grenade pouch is generally mounted on the left shoulder strap.


  • The P1 holster is the correct holster if you are approved to carry a side arm. On look for BW Pistolentasche P1