FRG Poncho

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This is recommended equipment for all NATO participants.


A poncho can be the difference between a relatively comfortable ambush position or patrol base in the rain and an intolerably cold and wet one. When you are stationary, you are able to spread the poncho out a bit and keep a good bit more of you dry than if you were relying upon rain gear alone. Additionally, the poncho makes for a handy improvised shelter when required. Bundeswehr participants already have a decent quality poncho at hand in their shelter half but it is worth noting that the German Army also issued a heavy rubberised poncho for NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) use that when pressed into service as a rain poncho is the envy of everyone. If you happen across one, snap it up, you'll be glad you did when the skies open up on you. Do not bother with any new manufactured ripstop nylon ponchos. If it is not the old rubberised NBC poncho, it is inferior to the shelter half you already have with you.

  • If searching overseas or on your search term is "BW poncho"