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GP_Medium.jpg GP Medium at EW II

The GP Medium has proven to be a solid performer at East Wind events. GP Mediums are available in either heavy duck canvas or poly vinyl construction.

GP Mediums can be fitted with a liner which provides additional insulation as well as screen sides.

Interior volume is lower than other comparable sized tents and particularly when fitted with a liner it is easy to heat in foul weather.

You can get a manual for the GP Medium here:

Selecting a GP Medium

  • The GP Medium is a fairly affordable option but does require a quite a bit of labor to purchase and maintain.
  • The canvas tents are generally fairly old. They will quite typically be found with a great number of patches and repairs which are fine so long as they are solid.
  • You will want to carefully examine the patches to be certain that they are secure and that the glue holding the patch has not dried up and started to crumble. If the patches are loose, plan to repair or replace them prior to the event.
  • Carefully examine the condition of the duck canvas. Once the canvas starts to rot, it tears quite easily. If you are unsure, use a butter knife seeing if you can push it through the material. If you suspect dry rot do not bother taking it to East Wind, it will come apart in very short order.
  • Check your canvas for water repellency. If water runs off like a ducks back then it is in good order. If not, then invest several gallons of canvas treatment such as Nikwax or Canvak.
  • The polyvinyl tents are all a good bit newer but have a few issues of their own.
  • The polyvinyl tents have cotton canvas webbing reinforcements running along the seams. If the vinyl tent was stored wet, the cotton webbing will fail leaving the vinyl unsupported and prone to catastrophic failure in high winds.
  • Early polyvinyl tents were not well sealed along the seams. If the seams are not properly hand sealed, these tents will leak severely.

Components that are required to put up a GP Medium

Tent fabric section.

Two center poles.

4 6'2" door poles.

Ridge beam (often not used)

10 5'8" side poles.

24 Side stakes. (minimum 12 inch, recommend 24 inch)

48 Eve stakes.

Tent diaper.

GP_Medium_net_sides.jpg GP Medium with the sides open and net sides

GP_Medium_interior.jpg GP Medium interior with Polyvinyl liner