Grenztruppen Pack Straps

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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen participants.

Egstrap rubber.jpg

Egstrap woven.jpg

All East German Grenztruppen participants are required to have at least 5 assault pack straps.

  • There are two version, rubberized and woven - either version is acceptable.
  • Three of the straps are for attaching you zeltbahn and blanket to your assault packs.
  • Two straps are for attaching your rain cape or zeltbahn to your belt.
  • These are also referred to as 'bedroll/utility straps' by some vendors.

Attaching to Assault Packs

  • Three straps hook to the loops on the assault pack

EG assaultpackwithstraps.jpg

Attaching Rain Cape to belt when not worn

  • Roll the cape neatly and use two of the assault pack straps to attach to combat belt.

Grenzer cape belt2.jpg Grenzer cape belt.jpg