Individual First Aid Kit

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This is required equipment for all participants including NATO and Warsaw Pact.


A small individual first aid kit is required for all attendees.

  • This kit need not be anything large, expansive or fancy. We are just looking for a pocket sized kit that you can have with you in the field to deal with minor maladies when away from the support of the larger first aid kits available at the main camps.
  • If you have specific medical issues that could effect you in the field such as allergies, frequent indigestion, diabetes, etc be certain to include supplies in your individual kit to mitigate risks and improve your quality of life.
  • You will likely encounter a proliferation of thorn bushes at East Wind, we strongly recommend carrying a set of tweezers and/or a few splinter removers such as splinter out along to deal with them.
  • Many attendees retask small metal cans such as Altoid mint tins or similar small cans for this task.
  • It goes without saying that you will want your first aid kit with you in the field. If you are fortunate enough to be portraying an Army that issued first aid kits to individual troops then finding a suitable place to stow your kit is as easy as putting it in a first aid kit pouch in other cases, you may need to slip it into a cleaning kit pouch or just a pocket.