Low or Mid Cap Magazines

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This is required equipment for NATO participants.


Only low-capacity or mid-capacity magazines are allowed for standard infantry weapons.

Choose wisely on these:

  • You want magazines that run well without a lot of maintenance.
  • If you can get your mitts on some factory Tokyo Marui low capacity magazines, consider them simply for the reliability.
  • Ammo capacity takes a back seat to sustainability in an environment like this.
  • A lot of larger capacity mid capacity magazines do not like to remain loaded for days on end so experiment with the mags you have before you come out and make sure they are going to work when you need them. Nothing is more frustrating then getting the drop on someone only to have your mags not feed.
  • Do your research prior to purchasing mags and make certain to test your magazines prior to coming to East Wind to insure good fit and function in your weapon. There are number of brand incompatibilities between airsoft weapons and magazine manufacturers.

No high capacity magazines or or winding magazines of any sort are allowed for individual weapons.

Approved support weapons (squad automatic rifles and machine guns) may use high-capacity magazines, but only if they visually appear to be a belt bag or box appropriate for the weapon they are used on.