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MGPTS.jpg MGPTS in Medium Configuration Fitted With Vestibule

The MGPTS is a modular pole supported system that can be configured in 18 foot increments as either a small, medium, or large capacity tent. They have proven to be exceedingly durable and are certainly equal to the environment at East Wind.

The MGPTS has a large interior volume which makes for a roomy tent and decent airflow however does require quite a bit of fuel and effort to heat during cold weather.

You can get a MGPTS manual here.

You can see a training video on erecting the MGPTS tent here.

Shopping for an MGPTS Tent

  • When shopping for an MGPTS, your best bet is to buy direct from Government Surplus if possible however prudent shopping or purchasing your tent a piece at a time may be a practical option as well.
  • These tents are quite durable so torn tents or blown seams are not that commonly seen. They are however, like most Polyvinyl tents, prone to mildew if stored wet so do be certain to unfold tents when shopping for them were practical and check for mildew or mildew stains.
  • When purchasing your MGPTS make certain that you understand what bags are needed to create the tent you wish to end up with.
    • Two end sections and one end pole bag will create an 18x18 MGPTS Small suitable for a single Squad.
    • Two end sections, one mid section, one end pole bag and one intermediate pole bag will create an 18X36 MGPTS Medium suitable for 2 squads.
    • Two end section, two mid sections, one end pole bag and two intermediate pole bags will create an MGPTS Large suitable for 3 squads.

MGPTS_interior.jpg MGPTS Interior

MGPTS_Frame_type.jpg MGPTS with Type III Frame