NATO Heater Rules and Requirements

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This is recommended equipment for NATO participants.


A heater can be a welcome addition to any troop tent. Obviously, heaters provide heat but just as importantly, they provide means to dry the air in a tent and allow gear as well as clothing to dry. The event provides heat in both the Ready Tent and the TOC tent.

All heaters are subject to the following rules:

  • Only approved heaters are allowed. Consult the list below.
  • The only approved fuels are wood, diesel and coal. No other fuels will be allowed. Consult the approved heaters list for additional fuel restrictions on both the M1941 Pot Belly stove and the M1950 Yukon stove. Under no circumstances is gasoline or white gas allowed to be used as a heating fuel inside a tent.
  • Fuel for your heater is your problem. If you are burning wood, you are free to source it locally or of course you can pack it along. Diesel may only be transported and used in military cans. Limited resupply of diesel is possible via the supply section if you catch them on a run into town but again, the cost of the fuel is the responsibility of the user.
  • All tents using heaters are required to have a fire extinguisher positioned at each door.
  • All heaters are required to have sufficient heat blocking materials underneath to prevent damaging floors or grass. Generally speaking, we scrounge cinder blocks locally for this purpose.
  • All wood burning heaters are required to have a metal ash bucket to collect ash in. Ash must sit until cool then may only be deposited in the approved location. Ash must never be dumped into a trash barrel.
  • You may burn trash such as MRE wrappers, paper, etc in your heater to dispose of it however, all foil and leftover unburned residue must me sorted out and disposed of separately from the ash.
  • Heaters must be in good repair. If your heater is excessively rusty, cracked or broken you will not be allowed to use it until you have remedied the situation. We recommend Rutland Brush on Stove Paint. We have had good results with this product over the years. Historically stoves painted with spray on paints have not held up as well. For during the event maintenance, we have had good results with Paste type stove polishes. Liquid polishes work about as well but tend to be messier to use.

Approved heaters list:

Specifically NOT approved heaters:

  • Any non-military heater
  • Any non-vented heater
  • Any electric heater
  • Any heater intended for use in a very small tent such as a pup tent.