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This is required equipment for NATO participants.

The East Wind staff work very hard to provide you the participant with the most accurate and realistic experience that you can possibly have. We are portraying the militaries of the late 80's and very early 90's in a "what if the wall hadn't collapsed" timeline. While specifics of allowed or recommended personal equipment are covered in the individual unit lists, a few items are specifically forbidden, and are called out here.

Some of these are disallowed due to compatibility. For example, no matter how well your radios operate, and how much you think they are period correct, all the radios used at East Wind work as a system. Bringing others could not just leave you out of contact of the administrative staff, but could interfere with the band plan and leave everyone out of contact. Similar issues are true for many other equipment items.

Additionally, many of these are disallowed for safety purposes. Incorrect stoves, in particular, are fire or asphyxia hazards. But even radios, again, can be a safety issue if you are not listening to the assigned bands.

Reasons are not always explained in detail, but none of these are negotiable, so please abide by the rules.

Non-Approved 2 Way Radios


East Wind provides all of the radio communication equipment you are likely to need. You may bring your own radio equipment, but it must be a functioning, period-correct military radio system. All these will be subject to approval, and must operate within the band plan.

No other two-way radios will be allowed. Specifically, commercial and consumer FRS/GMRS radios you are likely to own are not allowed on the field at any time. Leave them at home, or in your car.

Most GPS Recievers


East Wind is set in an era where GPS was just coming into service. It was uncommon, expensive, slow and difficult to use. East Wind will provide a number of functional period-correct SLGR GPS units as needed. You may only bring your own GPS units if it is a period correct military issue or functionally-identical commercial models. All GPS receivers must be pre-approved.

Non-Military Tents


See specific tent rules here.

Non-Approved Tent Heaters


See heater specific rules here.

Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

No consumption of alcohol, even for those of legal age, will be tolerated during the event, buildup or tear down. Do not bring any alcohol onto the field. Naturally, illegal drugs will also not be tolerated to any degree. If you have any concerns about legal, prescribed drugs (especially those which are abused by others) be sure to bring it in a bottle with a prescription in your name attached to the side.