NATO Tent Rules and Requirements

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This is recommended equipment for NATO participants.


The event no longer provides large troop tentage for troop quarters. Troops may purchase their own troop quarters tents provided they meet the requirements below or simply opt to stay in individual shelter half tents. While side specific tents are encouraged where possible, we recognize that shipping and transport of large military tents from overseas is not always practical so we will allow the use of any NATO nation tent. Troops will continue to have the use of the Ready tent which will, as it has always been, be lit and heated so you'll always have a warm and dry place to go warm up at.

Tent Requirements

  • Tents brought to East Wind must be military tents produced by a NATO nation. No commercial tents are allowed, no Warsaw Pact or non-NATO aligned tents are allowed.
  • Tents must be green in color. No tan tents.
  • Tents must be used at close to their designed capacity. Do not bring a GP Large for your 4 man team
  • Tents must be used with proper ground gear (stakes, anchors and guy lines) to withstand use in severe weather.
  • Tents must be in a satisfactory state of repair and have been inspected by their owners prior to arrival.

The following tent types are recommended: