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We have collected a variety of resources for the Canadian Forces attendee to make use of at East Wind. Take the time to read up on the skills you'll need in the field, the equipment you'll likely be using as well as the specific manners in which the Canadian Forces operate. All of our manuals are the English language editions unless specifically noted.

  • Map Reading- Covers how to read a map, how to use a map with the Silva Ranger/Sunto Compass and route cards.
  • Mountain Operations- Details the various terrain, climatic, logistical and operational considerations associated with fighting in mountainous terrain.
  • Cold Weather Training- Covers basic survival and war fighting skills needed to operate in a winter environment.
  • Battle Tasks Standards Infantry- Training standards for all Infantry combat team related skills, procedures and battle drills from Section to Brigade Group.
  • Warrior Program Handbook (Canada) - Basically period-correct (1 Sept 1996) Training for War, Volume 2, Field Training Regulations, Supplement 5 (English). Covers rank and structure, use of force, treatment of prisoners, Operation of weapons, fieldcraft, battlecraft, communications, NBC, first aid and more.
  • Fieldcraft- Covers the various individual soldier skills required to move, communicate and operate while avoiding detection.