NATO Training - Combat Skills, Weapons & Marksmanship

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As stated earlier, East Wind assumes you have a certain minimum degree of competency in basic fieldcraft and combat skills. What we provide here should not be taken as a definitive or complete listing, but just a refresher, or helpful baseline for the types of small unit skills you are likely to employ.

  • Soldier's Manual (US) - Modern (1 March 2000) manual for 11B/C/H/M combat tasks. Includes zeroing the rifle, positional shooting, and so forth.
  • Warrior Program Handbook (Canada) - Basically period-correct (1 Sept 1996) Training for War, Volume 2, Field Training Regulations, Supplement 5 (English). Covers rank and structure, use of force, treatment of prisoners, Operation of weapons, fieldcraft, battlecraft, communications, NBC, first aid and more.
  • Radiation Effects Chart
  • USAF Rifle Training Program - Modern (21 May 2004) manual "Combat Arms Training Programs: Individual Use Weapons"
  • IR Laser Safety - Presentation specifically on the PEQ2, but if you have an IR laser of any sort, a good reminder of some of the safety ranges and other guidelines.
  • Laws of Armed Conflict video - 1978 US DoD video.
  • Rifle Marksmanship video - 1999 USMC video "Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship."
  • AR-15 Rifle Training Guide - FM23-9, 1989 guide on the AR-15. Disregard the operation of the gun, and it has lots of training details, to include range commands and layout.
  • Introduction to the Dragon Weapon System - Long but very low resolution (and no sound) promotional video on the Dragon ATGW.
  • The TOW Project - Late 1980s overview of the TOW ATGW system and its variants.