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Among the equipment provided at East Wind are various sensors, from individual night vision units, to thermal imagers and seismic detectors. Many of these are personally owned, and may not be present at any particular event. They may also be issued only to certain individuals, certified in their use (partly because they are very expensive). As a baseline regarding their operation, as an introduction to any hands-on training and for general interest, and number of general training resources and the manuals for the specific equipment we employ are listed below:

General Use & Operation Principles

  • Generations of Night Vision - Simple GIF illustrating differences in generations of night vision. 785 mb, and not hosted at a video site. May be best to download to your computer to watch.
  • Night Sensor Summary - Article summarizing night vision and thermal imaging history and use, from the UK point of view. Goes into some detail on operating characteristics. Unattributed, but appears to be shortly after the 1990-91 Gulf War, so period correct.
  • Night Vision Techniques video - TF-7 4121, 1969, also covers use of the Metascope and Starlight Scope.
  • Driving with NODs - FM 21-305, also blackout instructions for vehicle operation.
  • Soldier's Manual - Modern (1 March 2000) manual for 11B/C/H/M combat tasks. Includes use of NODs, include period-correct PVS-5 and -7 series.

Head or Helmet Mounted Individual Night Vision

AN/PVS-5 Series

AN/PVS-7 Series

Weapon Sights and Observation Systems

Orion 80

  • Operators Manual - TDv 5855/013-13 for the Orion 80-1 and -2, Fero Z51 night vision weapon sight, in German.
  • Operators Manual, English - Same manual, TDv 5855/013-13, with large portions translated into English.



Other Sensors

Thermal Imagers

  • X-150 Manual - Operators Manual for the Raytheon/L3 Thermal Eye X-150xp. This is not a period-correct unit.
  • Probeye 650 PDF Manual - The Hughes Probeye 650 is a period-correct Thermal Imager. This is an operation and use manual made for use of the unit at East Wind.

Radar Sets

  • AN/PPS-5 video - DoD video titled "RADAR SET AN/PPS-5 - OPERATION AND MANPACKING" from 1968. This is a tactical (battalion-level) ground surveillance radar.

Acoustical Detection

  • PEWS Manuals - Zip archive of the operation, maintenance and other manuals for the PEWS, a passive seismic intruder detection system.