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Everyone tends to falsely assume that all their personal equipment is just silly old stuff with weird features you can safely ignore. How hard can a coat, or a hat, be to wear? The fact of the matter is, all of this equipment was designed to work together as a system and you'll probably be surprised at some of the clever features that are built into it all. Knowing your equipment will help you set it up better, and use it better in the field.

In addition, this is all part of your uniform. East Wind takes pride on representing a specific time period, and on appearing to be a single unit. Everyone will maintain, organize and wear their equipment in a consistent, military manner. This helps ensure not just event realism but to your leadership in the field that you will be effective, safe, and comfortable.

  • This is Your Ballistic Helmet - PDF Manual on the fitting, care and use of the PASGT helmet. Use this! An ill-fitting helmet is no good.
  • Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment - FM 21-15, 22 Febuary 1985. Basic repairs, general cleaning, and use of the uniform, boots, gas mask, armor, web-gear, shelter-half, sleep system, etc. Everyone should read this to understand all the gear they have and are bringing to East Wind.
  • Wear and Appearance of Army Uniform & Insignia - AR 670-1, 3 Febuary 2005, but still has complete and correct references to the wear of the BDU and other uniforms needed for the time period. This is the reference for where to put nametapes, and everything else about proper wear of every uniform item. Please ignore any uniform items described in this document that are not period correct or allowed at the event.