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We have collected a variety of resources for the U.K. attendee to make use of at East Wind. Take the time to read up on the skills you'll need in the field, the equipment you'll likely be using as well as the specific manners in which the British Army operates. It is also recommended that you review equipment usage within the U.S. Army training page since much of that equipment is available for use to the U.K. attendees.

Individual Admin

Basic Skills for the Squaddie

The Infantry Section

  • The Fighting Patrol 1/2 - Period video overview of a Fighting Patrol 1 of 2. riveting as only training films can be.


  • PRC-351 & -352 - Scanned copy of the UK MoD User Handbook for Radio Stations UK/PRC-351 and UK/PRC-352, May 1977.

Coy. Admin

  • Night Sensor Summary - Article summarizing night vision and thermal imaging history and use, from the UK point of view. Goes into some detail on operating characteristics. Unattributed, but appears to be shortly after the 1990-91 Gulf War, so period correct.