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A number of vehicles are employed at East Wind. This is posted more as a service to those who are looking at purchasing their own NATO vehicle for East Wind or those who are just interested in the vehicles in general. Vehicles are privately owned, and should have all PM completed, so you are unlikely to be pressed into service to maintain a vehicle in the field, except as muscle power to remove one from a ditch, and so forth.

Drivers of vehicles must be specifically pre-authorized. Do not think just because you watched all the videos, you are now certified to operate any of these vehicles.

Painting procedures and patterns


  • TB 43-0209 - COLOR, MARKING, AND CAMOUFLAGE PAINTING OF MILITARY VEHICLES, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT, 1990. This pdf covers the 3 color woodland or "NATO" paint pattern that was the standard for vehicles during the East Wind time frame. Most vehicles that would have been current at that time, get this pattern.
  • TB 43-0147 - COLOR, MARKING, AND CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS USED ON MILITARY EQUIPMENT, 1975. This PDF covers the one generation back MERDC pattern that would have been seen on equipment and vehicles that were no longer current and were due for replacement soon. At East Wind, we prefer this pattern on the M151 series vehicles, the M37 series, etc. For Europe correct MERDC pattern is the temperate European pattern using 34079 Forest Green, 30118 Field Drab Brown, 30277 Sand and 911 flat black.
  • Colorised patterns used on East Wind vehicles A link to patterns from the above documents that have been color enhanced and saved as .jpg files for use as reference material while painting.

Materials handling equipment & procedures

Utility Vehicles





  • Safe Operation of the M151 DOD video covering important details of the operation of the M151 series truck. If you are doing anything at East Wind in or around an M151, you really should watch this video.
  • M151 Power Pack Removal - DoD video, M151 ENGINE FOUR CYLINDER OHV PART I (1962)
  • TM 9-2320-218-10 - Operators Manual for M151A1 (Old)
  • TM 9-2320-218-10 - Operators Manual for M151A1/A2 and Variants (March 1983 Edition)
  • TM 9-2320-218-20 - Organizational Maintenance Manual for M151A1, M151A2
  • TM 9-2320-218-20-1-1 - Organizational Maintenance Manual for M151A2 Part 1
  • TM 9-2320-218-20-1-2 - Organizational Maintenance Manual for M151A2 Part 2
  • TM 9-2320-218-34-1 - Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual for Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4x4, M151A2 Series
  • TM 9-2320-218-34P - Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Truck, 1/4-Ton, 4x4, M151A2 Series
  • LO 9-2329-218-12 - Lube Order for M151A2

Iltis (Volkswagen Type 183)

Light Cargo Trucks


M880 series Cargo Truck (and Ambulance), 1-1/4 ton 4x4 and M890 series 4x2 (Dodge)

Medium Trucks


M44 series 2-1/2 ton trucks (e.g. M35A2)

900-Series 5 ton