NATO Vehicle Requirements

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This is required equipment for NATO participants.

NATO_Vehicles.jpg NATO Vehicles on Patrol

Many attendees choose to bring their military vehicles to East Wind. This is of course by no means mandatory but for those who choose to do so we have the following requirements.

Your vehicle must:

M882.jpg M882 5/4 Ton Dodge

  • Be an era correct military vehicle or a good vismod of an civilian vehicle capable of passing the "10 foot rule" test such as a 1982-1986 Chevy Blazer vismoded into an M1009 CUCV by adding brush guards and antennas or a single cab long bed 1976 or 1977 Dodge W200 pickup modded to be an M880.   We do not allow non-military vehicles, technicals, or replica tanks.

Blackout_drive_light.JPG Blackout Drive Light

  • Be fitted with blackout light systems.  This includes, blackout marker, blackout brake, and blackout drive lights.   Obviously, the vehicle must also be able to switch off ALL other lights.

NATO_Hoods_Up.jpg Hoods up in the field, not good

  • Be in good mechanical condition, serviced, and prepared for the East Wind environment.  Do your PMCS.   Don't put off your transmission oil change till after East Wind, do it before you step off.  East Wind is a tough place and your truck will need the help.  

NATO_Vehicle_First_Aid.JPG Complete Vehicle First Aid kit

  • Have a vehicular first aid kit, not just a boo boo kit, we're looking for a more substantial kit since vehicles generally respond to or cause in field injuries.  

NATO_Pioneer_Tools.JPG Pioneer Kit on an M35A2

  • Have a correct pioneer kit.  Ax, shovel, pick-mattock etc.   If your vehicle has a pioneer rack, it should have everything for it.  If you just have a spot for a shovel and an ax than just those will do.  We do use our pioneer tools out there so don't buy crap tools, they'll just make you tired.  For vehicles that do not have a pioneer rack such at the CUCV or M880 series trucks I recommend the Max Ax kit.  It provides a substantial ax that can be adapted to an acceptable shovel, mattock, rake, pick etc in an easy to transport kit.  

NATO_Fire_Extinguisher.JPG Fire Extinguisher on an M35A2

  • Have a functional and filled fire extinguisher.  Vehicles are generally the first responders to on field fires and a filled fire extinguisher can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major threat to life and property. Check your extinguisher before you leave, we do use these things out there and there is nothing more disconcerting then squeezing the lever on one of these only to find out it's empty.

NATO_Spare_Tire.JPG Spare Tire Mounted on an M718 Ambulance

  • Have a serviceable spare tire. East Wind is tough on tires and we do not do admin halts if you blow a tire in the field. You'll want to make sure that you have a filled and serviceable spare in the event you need it.

NATO_Recovery_chain.JPG Recovery chain on an M35A2

  • Have at least minimal recovery gear. This means at the very least a recovery chain or recovery strap so that if you get stuck or if you need to go pull someone else out who is stuck, the needed gear is ready at hand.

NATO_Fuel_Can.JPG NATO Scepter Fuel Can on an M35a2

  • Have a filled spare fuel can on the vehicle and a plan to deal with additional fuel needs for the duration of the event. We put a good bit of mileage on vehicles at East Wind and are not exactly operating at peak fuel economy so expect to use quite a bit of fuel. At the very least, a full fuel tank an a single 5 gallon can is a start but consider bringing along extra fuel cans to avoid the need to resupply outside of the event. We do send supply runs up to a nearby truck stop to get additional fuel every few days. You can get your cans refilled by getting with the supply section and passing them along with a little cash to refill them with so there's no need to bring along 55 gallon drums but you'll want to have enough to make sure that you're not fretting along with the needle on E during an important mission. Do be sure to mark your cans with your name or vehicle number and the type of fuel the can is for so you do not get a 5 gallon can of diesel to go in your gas truck.

Sparkplug-wrench.jpg M151 Spark Plug Wire Tool

  • Any special tools required for normal in field repairs. Does your vehicle take a special tool to change the fuel filters? Do you need a special tool to remove the transmission drain plug? Better bring it along!


  • At least one set of spare fuel filters. The rough roads and off angle driving at East Wind tend to stir up fuel tanks causing a great deal of debris to get picked up by fuel filters. It is not uncommon on gasoline powered trucks to end up changing the fuel filters 2-3 times over the course of a single East Wind event. You know what the state of your trucks fuel tank is, pack appropriately.

Ferret_stuck.jpg Ferret Stuck in the Mud at East Wind III

  • Have an owner that understands that East Wind is a rough environment and that they are bringing their vehicle to an airsoft game.  If you're in the field, your vehicle will most likely be hit with bbs, scratched by branches, bonked into rocks, your seats may be worn or ripped by the combat gear you or others are wearing, your tires may have chunks plucked out of them by rocks, etc etc etc.  This is NOT the place to take your pride and joy shiny show truck.   If you want to "show" history, stick with shows, if you want to "live" history, pack along some tools and a couple of rattle cans of touch up paint and bring it on.  

Recommended items

In addition to the required items we recommend the following as well

  • Complete set of hand tools. You probably don't need to bring your entire roll around tool box unless your vehicle is a real horror to maintain but a fairly complete portable tool box with the usual tools in it is a big help when something goes wrong.


  • NBC Decontamination kit. The above pictured DS2 bottle is the most commonly fitted one at East Wind. Depending upon the scenario from year to year, these may have practical application in scenarios, otherwise they generally make good sprayers for washing things down when needed. Make sure that your have cartridges for your dispenser