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This is required equipment for East German Motor Rifles participants.

All East German Motor Rifles participants must have a complete set of East German 2nd generation web gear (Not the experimental UTV). The East German web gear is very minimalist and hence easy to live in. The pouches should have grey webbing as well as this denotes the 2nd generation. One exception is the shovel pouch since the standard Motor Rifle versions are much harder to find, the 2nd generation versions for Engineers and Paratroopers are much more common.

Front MR.jpg Right MR.jpg Back MR.jpg Left MR.jpg

What constitutes a complete set?

  • East German grey webbing combat belt
  • East German grey combat suspenders
  • East German AK mag pouch (rain pattern)
  • East German canteen (can carry two on your belt if desired)
  • East German bayonet
  • East German folding shovel with carrier
  • East German grey vinyl gasmask bag. (Does not need to actually contain a gasmask)

Purchase Options

Shopping around will allow a participant to purchase the entire gear set for under $75.

  • The bayonet needs to be one of two types, the 2nd or 3rd Generation. Be sure to inspect, if possible, the leather attachment loop as they crack and fail with age.
  • The bayonet will also be the most expensive items and a good condition bayonet will cost around $30.
  • The suggested purchase cost for the web combat belt with buckle is no more than $10.
  • The suspenders and assault pack can usually be bought together for less than $15
  • The folding shovel and carrier is available mostly in the UTV style. If possible, try and find a carrier with grey webbing. The correct shovel carrier will be made of grey or black leather and they can all be found for around $20
  • The gasmask bag is available online and sometimes in surplus shops for under $10.
  • East German canteens are very common still but are slowly becoming more expensive. A canteen, which comes with a cup and carrier will run less than $5 online.
  • The 4-cell AK magazine pouch are the second most common East German item on the market. They cost between $5 and $10 depending on which model you choose.

Assembly of the Fighting Complex

The fighting complex for the East German Army is a simple kit to put together. Unlike the Alice gear of the US Army or even the UTV kit that came later in the East Germany army. The 2nd Generation web gear relied simply on sliding loops onto a belt and letting gravity do the rest.

To put together your fighting complex start with the belt. The buckle and belt attach by weaving the belt into the buckle with the excess then back out in the opposite direction. This can be hard if the belt is extra stiff. Once complete the buckle, upright in the correct position, will be on the right hand side with the attachment on your left hand side.

Threading your pouches on from the left hand side, start with the ammunition pouch. You can use with the straight or curved versions as long as they have the grey straps and no side pocket. Once the belt is through both loops, slide it all the way over to where it would sit on your front right side when worn. Next slide on the shovel and carrier, this item would sit on your backside of your right hip. Be sure to find a location that is optimal so that when worn you can still sit down comfortably, remember you will be riding in the back of a big metal armored vehicle so you don’t want to be sitting on top of a shovel handle. The third piece of gear will be the canteen with the cover, canteen and cup; this should slide all the way to sit on your backside of your left hip. The last piece will be the bayonet, slide this item in so that it sits almost exactly opposite of the magazine pouch.

One of the final pieces of the puzzle is the Y-straps or suspenders. This can be confusing for many as they are very basic, along with their attachment. Starting at the rear, attach the suspenders at the center of the rear of the belt following the line of your spine. The hook on the rear should sit above the belt with the extra length of strap and metal ring going behind and under the belt then back to attach to the hook. You should then adjust the Y-straps so that the part where the three sections come together sit in the center of your back as well the double d-rings should sit just below your shoulders. The double d-rings play a important part as they are the attachment points for the assault packs. The front straps for the suspenders needs to be routed over your shoulders with the right hand side being attached between the magazine pouch straps and the left hand side attached right beside the bayonet. The second set of straps on the front with the d-ring is to be used when wearing the assault pack.