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Below are explanations of the method for sizing and some size conversion charts for common East German Uniform Items


East German uniforms have two sizes, one for Chest Size and one for height. They are most often given as a letter/number combo, for example M56.

Chest Size

The Chest sizes are similar, but not quite the same to their Soviet equivalents.

Measure the circumference of your waist and chest and compare to the table below. If the two measurements give you different sizes according to the table, choose the larger size.

US Size East German size
~34" 44
~38" 48
~42" 52
~46" 56
~50" 60
~52" 62
~54" 64


East Germans use a special letter code to represent height. Simply determine your height in Centimeters and use Column 4 of this table to determine your "Length Letter Code".

Letter Code German Word(s) English translation Height
SK Sehr Klein Very Short 160-165 cm
K Klein Short 165-170 cm
M Mittel Average 170-175 cm
G Groß Above Average 175-180 cm
SG Sehr Gross Very Tall 180-185 cm
UG Übergroß Extremely Tall 185-190 cm

Body Build

East Germans have an additional size number representing Body Build. If you have determined your chest size and height per the above tables, but consider yourself more "broad shouldered", "built" or "scrawny", or otherwise just find your uniforms not quite fitting right, you can find similarly sized uniforms, without jumping up or down to the next size number. Say, you determine your chest or waist size to be "52", but you wouldn't mind your jacket or pants to be slightly more loose, without purchasing a 56 instead. Per the below chart, you could try a 52-1 or 52-2. Note what each Additional Code means below:

Additional Code Adjusted Size
-0 -4 cm
-1 +4 cm
-2 +8 cm


The East Germans have a number system for their head sizes. Use the following charts to determine your East German head size.

Hats, Ushanka, Overseas Cap, other "soft" headwear

Measure the circumference of the widest part of your head and compare to the table below.

US Size East German Size
6.75 54
6.875 55
7 56
7.125 57
7.25 58
7.375 59
7.5 60
7.625 61
7.75 62

Helmet Size

This is the sizes used for helmets.

Take note of your hat size in the above table, and look to this table to determine your helmet size. No matter which helmet you pick, it is adjustable. The perfect helmet will allow you to wear an unfolded Ushanka under your helmet for warmth. Helmet sizes are measured Front to Back by Width.

Helmet Size Hat Size
I (Small 11.5" by 10") Up to 58
II (Medium 12" by 10.5") 59-61
III (Large 12.5" by 11") 61 and Up


This is an approximate conversion chart for Boots.

Determine your current shoe size based on US Shoe Size Systems and locate the matching number in the East German portion of the table. Remember to walk around in your boots wearing the required Wool Socks (thick or thin) to guarantee proper fit.

US Size East German Size
7 26
7.5 26.5
8 27
8.5 27.5
9 28
9.5 28.5
10 29
10.5 29.5
11 30
11.5 30.5
12 31
12.5 31.5
13 32


This is a standard Glove Size Chart.

Using a fabric tape measure, measure around the widest part of your palm (or the "knuckles", where your fingers meet your palm), and determine your size in the table below.

Glove Size Inches Centimeters
Small 7 18
Medium 7.5 - 8 20
Large 8.5 - 9 23
X-Large 9.5 - 10 25
2X-Large 10.5 - 11 30