Soviet Boots

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This is required equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.


All Soviet participants are required to have proper full length black leather protective footwear.

  • Type A are Russian Garsing Boots
  • Type B are Russian issue ground forces (Infantry) boots.
  • Type C are USGI Combat Boots (acceptable)
  • Other black leather lace up boots are authorized, so long as they pass the "10 foot rule" and don't look out of place.


The following sapogi (jackboots) are authorized, however, wearing them on extended patrols is not recommended.

  • Type A are Russian Issue Sapogi
  • Type B are East German Issue Sapogi
  • Type C are Russian Airborne (VDV) Issue Sapogi
  • Type D are Reproduction East German Sapogi (acceptable)


  • Any boots you choose should be well broken in months prior to Operation: East Wind.
  • All boots must be cleaned and polished regularly, including during the event, to maintain their waterproof protective layer.
  • Jackboots are recommended when you need to quickly put on footwear.
  • Lace up boots should be comfortable as you may be wearing them for several days.