Soviet Camo Oversuits

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This is recommended equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.

Soviet participants are encouraged to bring one or both of the KLMK or KSZ-1 camo oversuits. The camo oversuits are worn depending on mission requirements.



  • Can be worn over the uniform as an oversuit.
  • Can also be work as the main uniform on hot days.
  • Two piece KML is also acceptable
  • Should be with grey or white splotches - not yellow splotches



  • KZS-1 is a loose burlap weave so best worn over uniform for the pants especially.
  • Top can be worn as a jacket in hotter weather.
  • KZS-1 Pants are rarely worn at all as they tend to be small sized and restrictive to most people.
  • Lots of color variations - even within the same garment - and all are acceptable.


  • The KZS-1 hood is made large to go over the helmet