Soviet Gorka Oversuits

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This is recommended equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.

Soviet participants are encouraged to bring a gorka oversuit. These provide a more weather resistant outer layer than the base uniforms and more mobility than wearing your plasch-palatka. If absolutely needed a gorka could be used as a stand alone uniform to meet the 2 uniform requirement. They can be rather warm though so it is not advised. There are several acceptable variations/versions of gorka.

Soviet Gorka

  • Original Soviet era gorka can be found though usually only in smaller sizes
  • Some decent repros are being sold as well.

SPLAV or ANA 'older style' Gorka

  • Both companies make versions that are only slightly different than the Soviet models.
  • Variations include sleeve pockets, elastic in certain places or not etc.
  • This is the best combination of cost, availability and correct styling

Solid green variants of modern Gorka

  • Only solid green coloration are allowed (no camo panels)
  • These version are normally several layers of fabric so are warmer and bulkier than the above versions.
  • These version look very little like their Soviet predecessors so tend to stand out a bit