Soviet Helmet

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This is required equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.


All Soviet participants are required to have a Soviet steel helmet.

  • There are several acceptable models of helmet.
  • The helmet is both for the proper look as well as real world protection, especially when riding in vehicles.


Click on Soviet Sizing for information on determining your Soviet Helmet Sizing.

Acceptable Helmet types

  • The Ssh-68 (СШ-68) is the most correct version and is readily available on the market.
  • The Ssh-40 (СШ-40)is acceptable and is seen rather commonly on the market.
  • The Ssh-60 (СШ-60) is an acceptable but less common version that externally looks like the Ssh-40 but internally has four padded leather pads.

58and68helmets.jpg Ssh68 Helmet (Left) and Ssh40 (Right)

58and68inside.jpg Ssh68 Helmet (Left) and Ssh40 (Right)

Unacceptable Non Soviet lookalikes

  • The Czech M52 helmet looks similar to an Ssh-40
  • Is often mislabeled as a Soviet/Russian helmet
  • Easily identifiable by the suspension system

58helmets.jpg Ssh40 Helmet (Left) and M52 (Right)

58helmetsinside.jpg Ssh40 Helmet (Left) and M52 (Right)