Soviet Load Bearing Gear

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This is required equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.

All Soviet participants are required to have at least one means of carrying essential items into combat.

Soviet Belt Order

Proper configuration for Soviet Belt and Suspender Setup.
From Left to Right: Bayonette, Grenade Pouch, Canteen, Shovel, and 4 Cell AK74 Mag Pouch.

  • The Soviet Belt and Suspenders is the lightest option.
  • The Belt Buckle should be the Olive Drab painter version.
  • The Belt Buckle should not be a Naval Infantry Buckle.

combatsuspensioncomplex.jpg Correct wear of the Soviet Belt and Suspender Setup.

Body Armor


The 6b3 (pictured), 6b4 or 6b5 Body Armor Complex is authorized for wear.

  • An additional 4 cell magazine pouch may be set up on the right hip, as pictured.
  • If your armor does not include the body armor belt, you may use a regular Soviet Web Belt, as pictured above, without suspenders.
  • Titanium Armor Plates are optional, due to their difficulty to obtain, but highly recommended.