Soviet Undershirts

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This is required equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.

All Soviet participants are required to have several approved undershirts.

The shirts can be A-shirts (wifebeaters) or V-neck t-shirts. Soviet Motor Rifles troops wore these types of shirts prior to all branches of the Russian Federation transitioning to a "branch color" telnyashka variant. Telnyashki are not authorized for the time period we are portraying.

Of course Soviet military undershirts are acceptable as well.

  • Acceptable Colors
    • Sky Blue (preferred)
    • White (acceptable)


Soviet Ashirt.jpg

  • Original Soviet A-shirts are not readily available.
  • Czech A-shirts are available in white.
  • Regular white A-shirts are perfectly acceptable.

V-neck T-shirt


  • Originally Soviets did not wear T-shirts.
  • Many participants prefer t-shirts to A-shirts to protect the armipits of the uniforms.
  • Regular white V-neck T-shirts are perfectly acceptable.

Cool weather options

  • The below is an option, but not required.

Soviet cool weather underwear

Soviet underwear.jpg Russian undershirt.jpg

  • Original Soviet cool weather underwear are available in smaller sizes.
  • These are a heavier weight cotton twill cloth.

Modern thermal shirts

White thermal shirt.jpg

  • Modern white thermal shirts are acceptable substitutes.


  • You may use "Rit Dye" to dye your White undershirts to an acceptable shade of "sky blue".
  • Most East Wind Soviet veterans will agree that you will want more than one of these, that way you have something to change in to if it gets dirty, wet, or otherwise uncomfortable to wear every day for 9 days.