Soviet Winter Hats

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This is required equipment for Soviet Reconnaissance Troops participants.

All Soviet participants are required to have at least one type of cold weather headgear, but it is recommended you have both:

  • Ushanka is preferred, and is also comfortable.
  • A knit cap is also acceptable.



  • The Ushanka is the proper cold weather headgear according to Soviet Army Regulations.
  • The Ushanka must have a proper full color Cockade installed on the front center.
  • The Ushanka must be a Soviet or Russian Surplus model, not any of the off color commercially available variants.

Knit caps

  • Knit caps fit better under helmets compared to a Ushanka.
  • Work well for sleeping caps to stay warmer.


Early Russian Federation Camo (left) or Soviet Brown "Camel Wool" cap (right)


A black fleece watch cap