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Temper-Tent.jpg 18x24 TEMPER in use at East Wind 6

The TEMPER is a modular type tent that has proven popular at East Wind. They are expandable in 8 foot sections and can be fitted with liners as well as interior diviners. TEMPERs are manufactured only out of Polyvinyl material.

Interior volumes are large when no liner is fitted but reduces dramatically when a liner is added.

Being expandable by 8 foot sections means that it is easy to have exactly as much tent as is needed and/or just add additional sections as new needs arise.

TEMPER sections come as either Window sections which have a large window on each side or as Door sections which have a window and a large doorway as well as a roof vent.

TEMPERs can (and should) be fitted with a rain fly both to provide additional weatherproofing and also to reduce the heating of the tent from sunlight.

Vestibules can be fitted to any end section as well as to one side of a door section.

You can find a manual that covers the TEMPER here:

Selecting a TEMPER

The TEMPER is an expensive tent to purchase as a complete tent but with careful shopping can frequently be purchased a bit at a time by just picking up pieces here and there when you find a deal. The most expensive parts are generally the frame pieces since they are made of aluminum and have inherent scrap value. In a pinch, one can construct poles and support a temper fabric off of poles and stakes but this is sub optimal so try to round up the frame sections first and foremost, the fabric sections are generally pretty easy to come by and since they are small enough to ship, you can pick them up here and there off of Ebay without too much trouble.

Depending upon where you live, you may luck into a TEMPER direct from a government auction either via Gov Liquidation or GSA Auctions.

Like the Frame Expandable the TEMPER breaks down into smaller fabric sections which are both easier to maintain and also much less likely to get damaged to start with so TEMPER tents generally tend to be in pretty good condition comparative to other similarly sized military tents. Any damage you do find is typically pretty easy to repair and if not, you can simply replace a single section of damaged fabric rather than having to replace an entire tent.

Components Required to Put Up a TEMPER

2 End fabric Sections

2 complete arch assemblies for the ends and one more per additional section of mid fabric used.

5 purlins per mid fabric section used.

12 large guy stakes for the end sections.

6 large guy stakes per 8 foot mid section used.

16 smaller stakes for the end fabric foot loops

10 smaller stakes per 8 foot section used for the mid section fabric foot loops.

Temper_Interior_Liner.jpg TEMPER interior with liner and divider wall